Case study: Online Skype Intensive English Lessons – Moscow, Russia

Oleg Klodt Architecture & Design

Oleg Klodt Architecture and Design is a well-known Moscow-based Interior Design Company. The main driving force in the company, which employs more than sixty staff, is the creative tandem of its founders – architect Oleg Klodt, and head of the Design department, Anna Agapova.


Since they both started to gain international recognition and success, Anna and Oleg realized that now they needed to master and perfect their English skills. Their project to open an office in London made this skill even more crucial.

We started our Skype courses in August 2017. Anna had a pre-intermediate level (A2 CEFR level) and Oleg had an intermediate level (B1 CEFR level) in English. Both Anna and Oleg preferred semi-intensive Skype courses, an hour every day or every other day. We had a lot of work to do: gaining confidence while speaking English, especially publicly, making presentations on architecture and design subjects, use business vocabulary to communicate with international partners, brush up on grammar and writing. We also had to prepare the IELTS English exam, essential for obtaining the entrepreneur visa.

Photo: Anna and Oleg in their Moscow studio.


Our results have been outstanding so far.

Anna and Oleg have improved their general level of English, and they both passed their IELTS exam with a very good grade (5.5 corresponding to B2 CEFR level).

As for communication with their international partners, this is what Anna says:

Yesterday I spent 2 hours on the phone with our New York partners, discussing a very important project, which was entirely in English, and not only I could freely communicate understanding 90 percent, but I also felt I could really communicate my ideas with precision and understand some nuances related to my industry”.

Oleg feels his English lessons have helped him a great deal too. He spoke English in public just a few months after he started his lessons with us. He feels very positive about it and this is what he says about the whole experience of learning English with us:

“I have been studying English for the past few years with different teachers and using different methods. One day my friend recommended me to try a few lessons with Anna from Quality4Languages, and I quickly understood that it was exactly what I needed! First of all, lessons via Skype proved to be as efficient as 1:1 lessons. I am a businessman, I work up to 12 hours per day and I highly appreciate every second. With Skype lessons, I don’t have to go anywhere, commute, waste my time; I just press the button, and the lesson starts. Our lesson usually lasts an hour. But the most important thing is that time flies during this hour. The lessons are very dynamic. Whatever we are doing: a conversation about recent holidays, reading on professional subjects or preparing IELTS exam, we are constantly learning new things and correcting my mistakes, hardly even noticing it. I just start speak naturally and completely forget that it is a lesson. As a result, after only few months of lessons, I took the risks to speak publicly without an interpreter in London, and made my entire presentation in English. I would have never done it before.

Video: Oleg’s Inspirational Talks about architecture and design in London, November, 2017.