Case study: In-Company Group Lessons – London, UK

We Are Social

We Are Social is a global agency specialised in marketing, PR, social media and advertising. With an international team of over 700 people and offices in London, Paris, New York, Beijing, Shanghai, Milan, Munich, Berlin and Sydney their mission is to put social thinking at the Centre of Marketing.


We started to work with We Are Social London in 2015.

We Are Social Team are young and dynamic individuals with natural curiosity and desire to travel and discover the world, so the idea to learn French and Spanish at work took off immediately!

With Emili Hone and later Emma Larkin, HR advisor we worked out the best times and days to organise the lessons before or after work. We asked the potential participants to fill in a specially dedicated questionnaire, testing their level in the target language and giving us an idea about their general linguistic background. We had a chat about objectives and motivation too. We chose the most suitable meeting room for our language lessons.

The lessons are self-funded. However, as they take place at the company premises and there are 3-5 participants in each group, we have been able to keep the prices low and affordable for everybody.

Photo: Satish, Sheree and Conor : Our Spanish lesson.


In the past 2.5 years We Are Social have enjoyed hundreds of French and Spanish lessons, and we have more and more We Are Social employees joining every month. A few groups only did some basic introduction to holiday Spanish or French, coming in handy for skiing in the Alps or enjoying Costa Brava beaches.

Others focused on more professional objectives. We dedicated a special 10 hour course to Sports Spanish Vocabulary, very useful for those involved in Sports Marketing Projects.

Some guys went further. Among them, Conor, Satish and Sheree who have been studying Spanish from scratch for over a year. There is still some room for improvement of course, but they feel very happy with their progress:


  I have been learning Spanish with Anna for just over a year, having a weekly lesson through my workplace in a small group. When I started, I could only just about remember a few phrases and did not feel confident with my pronunciation. Now, I feel like I can engage in conversations and am not afraid to try saying different things. Anna’s method of teaching ensures you are always progressing, yet she does not follow a boring syllabus where you just learn one topic and move on. Anna’s style makes you prepared for real-life conversations; she gives you confidence by letting you speak freely and not correcting your every word, but she will always provide the necessary feedback to ensure you improve.

 On a recent trip to Valencia, I spoke Spanish at every possible moment, feeling confident with the knowledge I had gained from my lessons.

It was great to be immersed in the Spanish culture. Anna is such a lovely person, and an amazing Spanish teacher!”


I’ve been having weekly Spanish lessons with Anna for over a year now and feel that I have progressed a great deal. There is a variety of lessons plan from reading and listening exercises to (often competitive!) quizzes. Me encanta aprender español con Anna!”


I have been taking lessons with Anna for the last year and a half, and have enjoyed them immensely. I have learnt a great deal and feel that my Spanish has improved over that time. I enjoy the relaxed nature of the lessons and the conversational style makes learning the language very enjoyable. I have taken a couple of short trips to Spain in that time and have been able to converse on a basic level, which was much more than I had been able to manage before. As I progress I hope to be able to get to the point where I am comfortable enough to speak conversational Spanish on a regular basis.”